“The cleanest, friendliest, healthiest place that delivers in town. I’ve always been pleased with my order. It’s always correct and on time. Being disabled you give me an option to not have to cook something great and your staff is always so nice! I’m craving right now.”
Toni M, Marshfield MA

“I came in for lunch and I got a free slice of your pizza while I was waiting for my order and it was delicious. I have been in for lunch several times and you are always giving out free samples of new product which is bad because I am trying to lose weight but I can’t help myself.”
Jill L, Kingston MA

“Just so you know in my opinion your brownies and pecan bars are your signature items.”
Jackie S (the queen of sweets) Kingston MA

“Every time I come it is great and the staff is always smiling. We have needed a place like this a long time.People who actually care about the customers.”
Donna S, Plymouth MA

“Exceptional coffee, exceptional sandwiches, just exceptional on every visit.”
Jim A, Duxbury MA

“I ordered wrap platters for teacher appreciation week along with salads and I was so pleased I came back for menus to hand out for you.”
Barbara D, Duxbury MA

“Better than chicken soup?
I want you to know that ‘The Gobbler’ may come to be known as a better cure than chicken soup! It was definitely what this soul was craving last week after spending an entire day in bed feeling miserable with a bad cold. The goal of somehow rising and making my way to the cafe teased me all day. Finally, well into the evening I finally become vertical. I put a long down coat over a fleece robe, drove over and stumbled in from the freezing cold looking quite pathetic. The heroic effort was well rewarded. As I scurried back home and under my down comforter, I slowly unwrapped the prize and savored that first toasty warm bite. Ahhh, this is what they had in mind when they coined the term ‘comfort food’…..I can die a happy woman!”
Barbara McElligott, Kingston

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